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Center for Biological Risk Summer Support Award

Congratulations to Alex Trouern-Trend and Uzay Sezen on the Summer Support Award from UConn's Center for Biological Risk - Research will resume at the Hubbard Brook LTER in May!

Onwards and Upwards in the Lab!

Congrats to undergraduate researcher Alex-Trouern Trend (MCB) who is joining us as an EEB MS student for Fall 2018! Congrats to Susan McEvoy who is joining us from OSU as an EEB MS student for Fall 2018! Congrats to MS student Sumaira Zaman - accepted to the PhD program in Computer Science here at UConn! Congrats to undergraduate researcher Madison Caballero (MCB) - accepted to the PhD program in Genetics and Genome Sciences at Cornell University!

Xmas tree Genetics Featured!

Check out our article in Wired Magazine! Happy Holidays! https://www.wired.com/story/using-genetics-to-make-a-more-perfect-christmas-tree/

Software: New version (v0.8.0-beta) of EnTAP released!

Learn more about functional annotation methods for non-model eukaryotes here: http://entap.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html

Accepting Graduate Students!

We are accepting MS/PhD students for Fall 2018!  Please review application details here  

Congrats to the travel awardees!

Congrats to undergraduate researchers Alex Trouern-Trend and Madison Caballero - headed to Plant and Animal Genome 2018!

Join us!

We are recruiting MS and PhD students for Fall 2017.  Apply here!

Sugar pine genome in the news!

The 31Gbp sugar pine genome, the largest sequenced to date, has been released to the public.

USDA NIFA Proposal Funded!

The USDA NIFA proposal led by Fikret Isik at NCSU will develop genotyping resources for loblolly pine and sugar pine to aid in genomic selection.

New Lab Members

Postdoctoral researcher Uzay Sezen has joined the lab, arriving from University of Georgia!
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