We are seeking creative and motivated undergraduates!  Students should have some background in biology (genetics) and computer science, as well as an active interest in bioinformatics.

Please apply for the positions listed though UConn Student Jobs:

Class III – Student Research Review Specialist  (Job ID: 7227)

This position is in support of the Plant Computational Genomics lab in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. This multi-disciplinary team tackles problems relating to genomics, plant biology, and bioinformatics. We are seeking computer-saavy undergraduates with a passion for trees and tough problems! We work on genome assemblies of some of the most complex plant species on the planet. Data visualization, software/database development, and high throughput bioinformatics are all areas of interest. Our undergraduate researchers attend conferences, write independent research papers, and work in teams with other members.

Class III – Student Computer Programming Specialist  (Job ID: 6051)

We are seeking a web developer in the Plant Computational Genomics Lab in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. We are looking for students with an interest in the intersection of biology and computer science to assist with developing web-based tools and visualizations.

Applicant will work within the framework of Tripal (see http://tripal.info). This will include migration of database components, development of modules and visualization tools within this framework. They will be developing for the treegenesdb.org resource which servers over 2,000 researchers interested in the genetics of forest trees.

Students involved in this project have the opportunity to develop training materials, publish new database modules, and present their work in research symposiums.

OR e-mail jill.wegrzyn@uconn.edu to learn about other opportunities.

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