Jessie Gunoskey

Alumni — Lab Manager


Biology w. Emphasis in Cell, Molecular, and Infectious Disease


Public Health and English

Research Interests

I’m primarily interested in bacterial genetics and genomic alterations regarding antibiotic and antimicrobial resistance and virulence factor expression. I am also interested in immune system evasion and bacterial pathogenesis! My favorite organism is Neisseria gonorrhoeae , primarily due to its ability to avoid host detection and high rates of antibiotic resistance. Fun gonorrhea fact: due to the lack of immune memory response, it is extremely hard to create a vaccine against this pathogen!

Fun Facts

I’m currently finishing up my last year of undergrad at Washington College, in Chestertown, MD! I work with the lab remotely as a lab manager, making sure everything runs smoothly and all Doodle polls are coordinated.

I currently am planning on applying for graduate programs and obtain my Ph.D. in Microbiology, all with the goals of running my own lab.


Email: [email protected]
For academic-related emails: [email protected]

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