We are seeking creative and motivated undergraduates!  Students should have some background in biology (genetics) and computer science, as well as an active interest in bioinformatics.

Class IV – Advanced Level Position   (Job ID: 12016)

CartograPlant leverages several open-source technologies, so at minimum, we are seeking mastery with database platforms (either MySQL or PostgreSQL) and common web development languages. Experience with content management system development with Drupal is a plus but lacking this, strong PHP is OK as well. In addition, Javascript (and JQuery), NodeJS, HTML, and CSS are needed. The developer should have excellent communication and documentation skills and be excited about trees!

The developer will be a part of a small team developing applications that support the visualization of georeferenced forest tree data that is associated with environmental layers, and supported by analytics. This project is affiliated with the TreeGenes database (treegenesdb.org) and has the goal of integrating genomic, trait, and environmental data to conserve forests. The project works with over 2000 unique species around the world. The map-based project, known as CartograPlant, works with two open source projects, the Tripal Project (https://tripal.info/projects) and Galaxy project (https://usegalaxy.org/).

The interface for CartograPlant can be viewed here: https://treegenesdb.org/cartogratree. This is an advanced level position that assumes expertise in multiple technologies (list below). This is a challenging and fun project with a great team that works well together in a virtual environment.

Students involved in this project have the opportunity to develop training materials, publish new database modules, and present their work in research symposiums.

OR e-mail [email protected] to learn about other opportunities.

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